Android 13 Ai Box Apple Carplay Wireless Adapter


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Android 13 Ai Box Apple Carplay Wireless Adapter
Android 13 Ai Box Apple Carplay Wireless Adapter
  • Senseless connection, bid farewell to wired bondage.Thanks to the transmission efficiency of 5G WiFi,the wireless connection of the wireless adapter box adopts a new non inductive connection technology,and the use is more smooth. Let car owners say goodbye to the troubles brought by wired connection, such as connecting mobile phones frequently,disrupting cables in the car,repeatedly unplugging and plugging data cables, etc.
  • wireless authentication module is adopted,which is not easy to be interfered by wireless and refuses to drop the line.The transmission rate is faster, the delay is lower,and the mobile phone connection speed is as fast as lightning,giving you a pleasant experience.
  • Plug and play,instant conversion.Just plug the product into the usb/type-C data interface of the original car to realize wireless Carplay&Android auto and bid farewell to the data cable easily.
  • Wireless CarPlay: iPhone 6 and above / iOS 10.0 and above. Wireless Android Auto: Android phone with Android 10.0 and above, some require Android 11.0 and above
  • The Android box has built-in 4G full Netcom module for networking, and can also use mobile phone hotspot WiFi to connect to the Internet. It supports wireless CarPlay and wireless Android Auto. You can download a large number of APPs in the application store that comes with the system. Built-in GPS+Glonass+Beidou satellite positioning
重量 0.24 盎司
尺寸 5.2 × 5.2 × 2.2 英寸



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